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Need a place to Host Chicago Tech Events

Every so often, someone will ask me, “Do you know where I can hold my event?”

It’s a considerable problem for organizers, who are often creating these events for the benefit of the community. We then have to ask, why is it so difficult and time-consuming to find a space?

Boston has the Microsoft NERD center.

Great idea. Available for anyone to hold tech/startup events. Benefits the community. Makes it much easier to organize events. Takes out the venue cost and concern. Benefits the supplier. Improves the community.

I realize there are a few existing venues that have been popular, but as I understand it, they charge several thousand for each event, plus the added headache of insurance, providing one’s own tables and chairs, etc.

So, who is up for helping the Chicago startup/tech community?

Just announce that you are making your venue available for tech/startup events in the city and the community will surely pay you back with more business, gratitude and karma. Everybody wins.

This meeting space should have chairs in a classroom setting (not a bar, restaurant or club), for anywhere between 50 to 250 people, possibly for every week-night (Mon-Thu) bookable on a first-come-first-serve basis for anyone hosting ‘free’ events for the startup/tech community. Ideally, there should also be audio and video hook ups (projector, mic, speakers, etc).

In return, the space gets wide-recognition in the city, and the events will list the space provider as a sponsor and promote it.

Who’s up for it?

Note: The above is inspired by a message from Murat Aktihanoglu to NYTM. We’re having an identical problem, so why mess with a good thing? ;)

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